5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On Vacation

We’ve all heard about it.  We all dread it. Getting sick during your vacation.  That is not the experience anyone wants to have.  So let’s talk about ways to avoid getting sick while you’re on vacay.

We recently cruised on an amazing river cruise down the Rhine River.  Getting sick was the last thing on my mind so when the cruise director announced on day 3 of 7 that there was a virus going around I was taken aback and my germ radar immediately kicked in.  Thankfully, we were able to avoid it and thankfully, they actually announced that this was happening.

I have to say, I am certain that most cruise lines and resorts do not handle these situations like ours did.  My first piece of advice to you is to look for THE BAGS around the ship if you’re cruising.  You’ll recognize them so if you start seeing them, this means there’s a bug going around.  AND, unfortunately, more than likely, you will not be informed unless you’re on a really amazing ship or property where the people actually care about your well being.

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick:

1. Wash Hands Often

When you see the hand sanitizer dispenser, USE IT! They are usually located before all eating areas.  There is normally an area to actually wash your hands too.  I would suggest using soap and water over hand sanitizer.  When you get back to your room, wash your hands immediately.

wash hands often

2. Don’t Touch All the Things…or People

I know what you’re thinking, “you go on vacation to meet new people” and that is just fine, wonderful in fact, BUT you don’t need to do the whole shaking of hands, hugs, all of those things that you extroverted people like to do.  Fist bumps work great if you absolutely must touch.  Don’t share food and drinks with other people, especially if they aren’t a part of your group. If you have a really great dish sitting in front of you, tell them to order it so they can try it, don’t share.  I repeat – DO NOT SHARE!

3. Sanitize Your Room

Before you leave, be sure to take a trip to your local discount department store and hit up their travel section.  Purchase some disinfecting wipes and spray.  Spray things like curtains, bed, etc. Wipe down things like handles, remote control, etc. I love using my essential oils so I take my mini pack with me everywhere I go.  For this in particular though, I use my On Guard oil AGAIN.  It basically works for everything okay? Here’s a link to the oils I purchase.

Sanitize Your Stateroom

4. Utilize Your Stateroom

I know what you’re thinking.  You paid for this cruise and you want to take advantage of everything being offered.  If you do it, do so at your own risk.  Don’t touch everything, take the hand sanitizer with you, and don’t breathe.  Okay maybe the breathing part is extreme.  Consider walking back to your stateroom to use the restroom instead of using public restrooms. I would even recommend limiting entertainment and activities.  We found a really good series to watch (Downton Abbey) and just binge watched in the warmth of our cozy room. It was AMAZING. This was actually great time for us to catch up on uninterrupted and much needed rest.  Isn’t that what vacation is all about?  Spice things up a bit in that room, remember, rekindle, reconnect, spark that fire!

Light the fire

5. Avoid the Buffet

As stated in #1, you have used the hand sanitizer before entering the buffet to eat but unfortunately, there are some who slide by those sanitizing stations without washing their hands.  They then go inside and merrily begin touching the serving utensils.  This is not okay.  For this reason, I would suggest staying out of the buffet area if you can.  Dine where you can be served.


So there you have it.  These are things that I did to help with avoid getting sick while I was on the Rhine River.  What are some things you’ve done to prevent sickness on a cruise?