Experience the Ultimate Safari Adventure on the Chobe River

Water AND Land Safaris! If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, look no further than a safari experience in Africa. Recently, I had the opportunity to embark on a unique African safari river cruise with AmaWaterways on the Chobe River, and it was truly an unforgettable experience.

The safari experience on this cruise was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. From the comfort of our luxurious riverboat, we were able to get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most incredible wildlife. We saw herds of elephants, lions, giraffes, and more, all in their natural habitat.

One of the highlights of the safari experience was our game drive in the Chobe National Park. Our knowledgeable guides led us on exciting drives through the park, where we were able to see these magnificent animals in action. We even had the chance to picnic in the park which was really a gourmet meal that included wine & dessert.

Another unique experience on this safari cruise was the opportunity to take a river safari on the Chobe River. This allowed us to see even more wildlife and explore the remote wilderness of Africa. Our guides were so knowledgeable about the wildlife and had so much patience with us as we asked ALL the questions.

One of the great benefits of taking a safari cruise with AmaWaterways is the flexibility and personalization that comes with it. The smaller size of the riverboat (14 cabins) meant that we were able to have a more intimate experience with our guides and fellow passengers.

Finally, what truly sets the safari experience on this river cruise apart is the attention to detail and fine dining experiences that were available on board. After a day of exploring and wildlife sightings, we were able to enjoy delicious meals made with fresh, local ingredients and relax in our comfortable cabins. The sunsets on the Chobe River are truly amazing.

If you’re looking for a safari experience, a river cruise with AmaWaterways on the Chobe River is an incredible option. With the chance to see some of Africa’s most incredible wildlife up close, take unique land and river safaris, and enjoy fine dining experiences, this safari cruise is truly an unforgettable experience. This Africa itinerary with AmaWaterways is an excellent fit for anyone who is looking to experience the natural beauty, diverse cultures, and amazing wildlife of Africa in a unique and luxurious way. It is ideal for travelers who are interested in a small group experience, as the Zambezi Queen only has 14 cabins and can be easily chartered for a private group or family. It is also perfect for those who enjoy river cruising and want to explore the heart of Africa along the beautiful Chobe River. Additionally, this trip is great for wildlife enthusiasts, history buffs, and those who appreciate unique cultural experiences.