The most convenient option for your documents will be my completely electronic itineraries. These e-documents can be accessed on your smartphone at all times on your trip and shared with loved ones who want to know your itinerary as well. When the time comes, I will send you instructions on how to utilize them to the fullest. If you prefer a hard copy of your itinerary, just let me know, but more often than not, my clients end up choosing the electronic versions.

No, I am not able to book with Airbnb for my clients. Because of Airbnbs protection policy for their owners, the person staying at the home must be the one who books. Additionally, Airbnb negatively impacts the economy and culture of the destinations I book most often, and has caused many problems in major cities around the world. Because of this and my lack of ability to properly vet and vouch for an Airbnb property, I do not include booking Airbnbs as a service.

Once we confirm your itinerary and you are ready to make a deposit, I will send over a secure credit card authorization form and invoice through TravelJoy. Your credit card isn’t charged immediately upon authorization, but what this does is give me all of the information I need as well as permission to make charges on your behalf. Your information is then saved, so you can easily revisit your invoice and make future payments quickly and easily.

In today’s travel climate, I understand how important flexibility and the option to cancel your trip has become. Part of my job as your travel advisor is to educate you about each aspect of your trip’s cancellation policy. The tour guides, hotels, properties, and experiences I curate for my clients often have their own unique set of cancellation policies, so I will include all cancellation details clearly in your trip proposal.

In most cases you will need a valid Passport to travel, however, this is dependent upon your specific destination. We will discuss documents needed and/or recommended.

Yes, absolutely! After you’ve looked everything over, you and I can talk through any changes that you would like to make. I offer 3 complimentary changes to your itinerary.

My job is to find you the best value on vacation, although not necessarily the lowest cost. Pricing, while very important, is only one of many factors I consider when putting together the best package. I take my clients’ budgets very seriously and treat them with the same respect I would want my own vacation budget treated, but ultimately I keep your best interest in mind and make my travel recommendations with all relevant factors considered. Also, I am unable to provide line-item pricing, as your package consists of many components.

After our initial consultation call, the best way for us to communicate is through message/emails on TravelJoy. If you have something more urgent to discuss, we can find a time to schedule a phone call. Of course, while traveling, you will have my personal contact information so that I’m only a phone call away to help should a need arise.

Let's plan your trip now! 🙂

I’m so excited to begin this journey with you, and hope to become your travel agent for life!